Pirate Animation Now Completed!

June 24, 2011

Today within Year 2 the final 3 Kagan Groups completed their Pirate Animation Film’s!!! Check out the Videos above!!!

Well done everyone! You have all worked incredibly hard upon our Animation Project and this is visible from your finished Movies! They are excellent!


  1. My family watched my Pirate Animation By Kagan Group 3 .(They all thought it was amazing!)”I thought it was really amazing aswell!”

  2. Amazing videos they’re better than ours when we were little

  3. why is not 2ejs films not on the blog.

  4. Hi Farah all of the Pirate Animations are on the Blog, they may be available if you press older entries, as we have uploaded quite a few Videos over the past couple of weeks.

  5. I miss year 2 I wished I never moved into year 3 but now I’m happy now

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