Reading Awards!

February 8, 2011

All of the Teacher’s within Year Two would like to say a big well done to all of the children within 2EJ & 2NB who recieved a Reading Award Bookmark this afternoon after reading at home 3 times over the past week!

We had a whopping 18 children in 2EJ who recieved the award and a brilliant 14 in 2NB!

Thankyou to all of the Parents and Carers for their continued support!


  1. I im charlie and we have red school jumpers to.


    • Hello there from all of the children within Year 2 at Robin Hood Primary School. Thankyou for checking out our Blog on our website. We were interested to hear you also wear Red jumpers at School.

      From Mr Walby and the King Change Alot Group.

  2. Wow you get rewards that’s not fair all year 5 & 6 get is extra play for about 15 minutes

    • 15 minutes of extra play sounds great to me!

  3. Yaer 2 Has lots of readin at HOME!

  4. Year 2 blog is really nice we like all the pitchers and we like all our lesson and we like learning new thing,s Thank you Mr walby we like the

    • Thankyou for commenting Nimra! We are all really glad you like visiting Year 2’s Blog!

  5. I like whaen mr Walby was doing all the blog bye his selve and i like the pitcher with all the people in there taking photes with lots of funny pitchers in there like in the art craft and thank you very munch i like you blog

  6. i like when mrs brewster do lots of work and she works very hard which work do you do i think you do writing and she might tick all the work and we do song practice and we do bookmarks that people have the reading award

    • Thankyou Munahyl for all your kind comments! All of the Teachers within Year 2 are really happy you are pleased with our Blog!

  7. Wow thats not fair you get certificates and all we get is Extra play and thats on Friday only 😦

  8. I liked it today on monday 28th march because Today
    year 123456 went for ther mom’s and dad’s piked them
    up at the new main Entrance.

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